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A Majority Of One

March 1964

by Leonard Spigelgass

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd

Directed by Agnes Conroy and Stella Andrews

Produced by Drew Allen



Character Played by
Mrs Rubin Dorothy Garbutt
Mrs Jacoby Norma Mole
Alice Black Corinne Evans
Jerome Black Tony Michael
Koichi Asano Bill Allum
Eddy Michael Frederickson
Capt. Norcross Richard Mole
Chauffeur Carl Smith
Blonde Passsenger Betty Whitely
Steward Don Towers
Children Beverley Siver, Michael Harms,Tony Rose,
Chinese Couple Carl Smith, Audrey Oxley
Other Pasengers Tom Mace, Lynn Gray, Barbara Grantham, Tacko Sakakibara, Satoe Tsutsumi, Gordon Isobe
Ayoko Asano Dorothy Garbutt
Nokiti Keiko Sasaki


Stage Design Duff Phillips
Set Construction Allen Mole, Bill Warsimage, Fred Worth, Elmo Wolfe, Dennis Learey
Stage Manager George Andrews
Lighting Robert Martin, Margaret Rose
Sound Effects Bill Phillips
Makeup Shari Michael
Properties (Stage) Margaret Rose, Paddy Malcolm
Properties (Hand) Nancy Siver, Gwen Learey
House Committee Doug Huggins, Mary Huggins
Ticket Sales Dennis Learey, Paddy Malcolm, Shari Michael
Publicity Pam Allen

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