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Love Rides the Rails,
“Will the Mail Train Run Tonight?”


By Morland Cary

Produced by special permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Directed by Robert Martin

Produced by Dick Straw


Character Played by
Mrs. Hopewell Fiona McGregor
Prudence Hopewell  Kathy Woodley
Simon Darkway  Bud Schaffer
Truman Pendennis Brian Dedora
Harold Standfast Barry Healey
Dirk Sneath Bob Hamilton
Carlotta Cortez  Mary Huggins
Fifi Shari Michael
Fred Wheelwright Mike Worth
Dan Tony Michael
Beulah Belle Dorothy Garbutt
Policeman Elmo Wolfe
Railroad Workers and Patrons
of the Paradise Café
Members of the Vernon Little Theatre


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager  Doug Hali
Stage Crew Ann Hunter, Lorraine Allum, Vince Preece, Bill Warsimage
Lighting Drew Allen, Chris Malcolm
Pianist Mrs. A. Dorge
Music and Lyrics Robert Martin
Sound Effects Mike and Brian Worth
Makeup Rosalie Gower, Paddy Malcolm
Properties Norma Mole
House Committee Margaret Rose
Wardrobe Ivy Carmichael
Tickets Dennis Learey




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