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The Dancing Princesses

November 1965

by Nancy Woodworth

Directed by Paddy Malcolm

Produced by Marybeth Sigalet

Choreography by Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally

About the Play

Production of the Canadian School of Ballet and Vernon Little Theatre



Character Played by
The Boys Doug Nicol, Brodie Malcolm, Dean Francis,Tony Rose, Randy Stump
Flag Wavers Laura Gray, Pamela Sprinkling, Cathy Duffy
Mrs Beaton Heather Malcolm
Toy Soldiers Daniela Boppart, Shannon Rose, Tamara Kikuts, Anne Harvey, Heather Fischer, Rosalyn Kokolski, Wendy Maynard, Gail Zallenchuk, Andrea Rolston, Maureen Parkinson, Heather Boyd, Andrea Gower, Joanne Morrice, Janice Harvey, Robin Viel, Valerie Richmond
Maids Debbie Field, Wendy Postill, Margot McIllroy, Brenda Postill, Joanne Kowalski, Debbie Yakimovitch, Linda Stepura
Master of the Household Amanda Parkinson
Henrietta Nan Kendy
Guenivere, her Daughter Carol Munk
King John Davis
Queen Carol Boer
Bootboys Kathie O'Keefe, Janet Woodley, Patti Roth, Linda Gordon, Joy Fisher, Heidi Wunderli, Mary Jane Nichol, Charlene Stecyk, Rosemary Kokolski
Weathermen Susan Huggins, Janice Mcleod, Debbie Simpson, Kim Davis, Laurie Anderson, Chris Francis, Karen Guenther, Sharon Docksteader, Debbie Collins, Linda Cunning
Princesses Gail Monahan, Janet Oxley, Belva Neilson, Mary McRoberts, Elzabeth Sugden, MArgot Sigalet, Sidney Jones, Beverly Brewis
Dream Ballet  
Daisies Dianne Shillam, Lorill Shillam, Susan Huggins
Spiders Amanda Parkinson, Priscilla Hindson, Wendy Monahan
Dragonfly Kathie Clark
Ballet Stephanie Glover, Sylvia Webster, Jeannie Tripell, Audrey Solmer, Laurie Beairsto, Joceylin Apchin, Laura Gray, Pamela Sprinkling, Cathy Duffy and Princesses
Man from Pepva John Gower


Stage Manager Ivy Carmichael
Costumes Mrs A. McRoberts, Mts R. Postill, Mrs W. Field, Mrs P. Jones, Mrs E. Wunderli
Hand Puppets Lynne Kendy
Tickets Mrs M. Kendy, Mrs V. Yakimovitch
Telephone Committee Mrs T.J. Gower, Mrs R. Fischer, Mrs K. Monaham, Mrs C. Rose, Mrs J. Maynard, Mrs D. Davis, Mrs D. Huggins

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