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The Wizard Of Oz

January 1966

from the story by Frank Baum

Dramatized by Elizabeth Fuller Chapman

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd

Directed by Pam Allen
Assisted by Dorothy Munroe

Produced by Rosalie Gower


Character Played by
Witch of the East Nan Kendy
Munchkins Mary Evoy, Holly Kowalski, Barbara Sasges, Janice Fyvie, Luanne Gordon, Susan Ouchi, Beverly Stark, Debbie Yurick
Dorothy Eldeen Seymour
Toto, the dog Tony Rose
Witch of the North Pat Zavaglia
Scarecrow Pat Moore
Tinman  Dale Kermode
Lion  Lew Bridgeman
Guardian of the Gates Robert Bennee
Beautiful Girl Pat Zavaglia
Evil Sprites  Luanne Gordon, Susan Ouchi, Debbie Yurick
Witch of the West Nan Kendy
Wizard  Charles Ansell
Soldiers of the Emerald Palace Hilary Brown, Robin Brown, Elizabeth Laidman
Glinda Good Joy Hopkins
Ruby Witches Nadine Gilfallen, Bonnie Prentice, Valerie Ross, Dorothy Penney, Susan Ross, Kathy Smith


Set Design  Bob Turik
Stage Manager Doug Hall
Set Construction  Drew Allen, Bill Warsimage, George Siver, Doug Huggins
Magic Mary Huggins
Sound Michael Brooks
Stage Magic Drew Allen, Doug Hall
Lighting Alec Wood, Drew Allen, Bob Turik
Costumes Eileen McRoberts, Angela Hall, Marion Maynard, Margaret Wood
Makeup Dorothy Munroe
Properties Lonny Van Ord, Judy Arpacci, Lorraine Allum
Music Lou Munroe
Box Office Dennis Learey
Publicity Lou Munroe
House Committee Nancy Siver
Programme Barbara Hall, Rita Potter
Magic Consultant Phil Sterling
Lion's Head Agnes Conroy
Dog's Head Margaret Rose

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