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March 1967

by Peter Wilson, Raymond Logie and Myles Murchison

Directed by Paddy Malcolm

Produced by Gwen Learey

With consent of the Authors


About the Play

Entered OKANAGAN ZONE DRAMA FESTIVAL and, as well, GILLIAM was chosen to represent the four western provinces in Canada’s Dominion Drama Festival in
St. John’s, Newfoundland.



Character Played by
Gilliam John-Destry Adams
Hiram Peter Bulman
Woman Mary Huggins
Friend  Dennis Learey
Man  Bill Allum


Set Design and Construction  Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Doug Huggins
Properties  Lorraine Galloway
Lighting Design Drew Allen, Eric Stump
Lighting Doug Hall
Sound Ron Garbutt, Gary Garbutt
Costumes Rita Potter
Box Office Ivy Carmichael, Dorothy Pillar
House Nancy Siver
Publicity Audrey Oxley
Program  Michael Brooke
Art Work Scotty Perry
First Night Carol Hopkins
The Musicians Jim Forster ,Leigh Perry, Fred Wright

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