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Our Town

December 1966

by Thorton Wilder

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd

Directed by Pam Allen

Produced by Margaret Wood



Character Played by
Stage Manager Drew Allen
Dr. Gibbs Dale Kermode
Joe Crowell   Dale Siver
Howie Newcome Manfred Taron
Mrs. Gibbs Nancy Siver
Mrs. Webb Rita Potter
George Gibbs Pat Moore
Rebecca Gibbs Nan Kendy
Wally Webb Tony Rose
Emily Webb Rosalie Gower
Professor Willard John David
Simon Stimson Leigh Perry
Mrs. Soames Judy Dawson
Constable Warren Rod Christensen
Si Crowell Glen Waneck
Baseball Players and Town Boys Dugg Nichols, Larry Peters, Rick Kozlowski
Sam Craig and Town Boy Gerry Bialecki
Joe Stoddard   Vern Hall
Farmer McCarthy Bill Warsimage
Girls of the Town Eldeen Seymour, Carol Hopkins, Joy Hopkins, Norma Knapper
Miss Corcoran Nelly Errington
People of the Town Nellie Errington, Bill Warsimage, Eric Stump
First Dead Woman Eldeen Seymour
Organist Eva Fralick
Stage Sound  Eric Stump


Co-Producer Nellie Errington
Set Design Drew Allen
Stage Manager Doug Hall
Costumes Ivy Carmichael, Angela Hall, Patricia Brooke
Box Office Dennis Learey
Properties Barbara Hall, Dorothy Pillar
House Gwen Learey
Advertising  Mary Huggins, Scotty Perry
Programs Lorraine Galloway
Lighting Bob Turik, Gary Garbutt
Makeup  Norma Jones

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