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Alice in Wonderland

October 1967

Script adapted from a story by Lewis Carroll

Directed, and script adapted by Paddy Malcolm

Produced by Maribeth Sigalet

Choreography by Gweneth Lloyd

Dance Direction by Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally
Of the Canadian School of Ballet




Character Played by
Alice  Susan Huggins
March Hare  Stu Hellis
Red Queen Lorraine Allum
White Queen  Carol Boer
Fish Footman  Margaret Rose
Queen of Hearts  Ivy Carmichael
Executioner Dorothy Pillar
Mad Hatter Rod Christensen
Door Mouse Geoff Kendy
White Knight Warren Larson
Tweedledum Nan Kendy
Tweedledee   Debbie Wallace
Mock Turtle Lorraine Galloway
Knave of Hearts  Tony Rose
Dancers (in order of appearance)  
Jesters Tony Rose, Douglas Ross
Tiger Lily Joanne Nakonechny
Roses Jo-Ann Kowalski, Heather Malcolm, Lorill Shillam
Canterbury Bells Diane Shillam, Margot Sigalet
Daisies Lorrie Anderson, Debbie Collins, Amanda Parkinson, Linda Stepura, Deborah Yakimovitch
Rabbits Dana Demetrick, Ann Harvey, Lilian Pringle, Linda Pringle, Suzanne Talbot
Gardeners Linda Cunning, Sharon Docksteader, Joy Fischer, Linda Gordon, Sidney Jones, Bonnie Prentice, Diane Ralston, Beth Ross, Charlene Stecyk, Heidi Wunderli
The Heralds Jane Harvey, Marjorie Wright
Oysters Marie Davis, Heather Fischer, Dale Martin, Uta Von Gadenstedt, Andrea Rolston, Ellen Ross, Shannon Rose, Elizabeth Shillam
Court Cards Debbie Collins, Jo-Ann Kowalski, Heather Malcolm, Amanda Parkinson, Diane Shillam, Lorill Shillam, Margot Sigalet, Linda Stepura, Deborah Yakimovitch

Courtesy of the Kelowna Canadian School of Ballet

Lori Beairsto, Kathy Dufffy, Cathy Edwards, ann Ellis, Diane Gatley, Oneka Huitema, Jeannie Russell, Audrey Solmer, Gayle Stewart, Linda Stranagham


Set Design Scotty Perry
Stage Manager Doug Hall
Lighting Marcel Lowndes, Edgar Dobie
Sound  Alex Wood
Costumes Mary Huggins, Sheila Rixon
Properties Nancy Siver
Box Office Okanagan Electric Ltd
Dancers Costumes The Canadian School of Ballet and Ottie Fischer, Jean Harvey
Dancer’s Makeup Joan Cunning and the mothers of the ballet students
Ticket Sales Ella Yakimovitch, Doreen Jones

Production Photos

Red Queen

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