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The Boyfriend

December 1968

by Sandy Wilson

Produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International

Directed by Paul Woodrow

Produced by Lorraine Galloway



Character Played by
Polly Barbara Poggemiller
Tony Michael Huggins
Lord Brockhurst Doug Huggins
Lady Brockhurst  Ivy Carmichael
Mme. Dubonnet Margaret Rose
Percival Brown  John Ross
Maisie Mary McRoberts
Bobby Leigh Perry
Hortense Brenda Quesnel
Garcon, Gendarme  Bill Haug
Fay  Debbie Wallace
Nancy Heather Malcolm
Dulcie Sue Huggins
Betty  Debbie Udy 
Sally  Carol Boer
Pierre Edgar Dobie
Marcel Tony Currie
Alphonse Marcel Lowndes


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Managers Jack Minard, Laird Lockwood
Costumes Judith Woodrow, Sheila Orr
Properties Valerie Kelman, Audrey Morrish
Publicity Rita Coe
Lighting Bob Kuhn
House  Gladys Williamson, Nancy Siver
Tickets Dennis Learey
Program Scotty Perry
First Night Rita Potter
Choreography of Dancers June Mitchell
Choreography of Songs Mary Huggins

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