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Babes in the Wood

December 1969

by Charlotte Johnson

(Produced with consent of the Author)

Original lyrics by Margaret A. Wood

Directed by Mary Huggins

Produced by Lorraine Galloway



Character Played by
Egbert: The Baron’s Henchman Don Meyer
Ogbert: The Baron's Henchman Bill Allum
The Baron Hugo Roger Michel
Skribb, the Baron’s Steward Bill Haug
Mother Goose  Doug Huggins
Boy Blue Rita Coe
Sea Captain Frank Webster
The Babes:  
Dib  Mary McRoberts
Dolly Debbie Udy
The Horse Tom Barton, Audrey Oxley
Fairy Godmother  Marjory Rodgers
Jack John Harms
Jill  Debbie Wallace
Humptey Dumptey Sue McDonald
Bo-Beep Lorraine Allum
Polly Put the Kettle On Ivy Carmichael
Simple Simon Murray Marten
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Lesley Christien
Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Charmaine Bigler
Little Miss Muffet Carol Boer
Little Girl with the Curl  Elizabeth McCann
Wee Willie Winkie  Ann Marchand
Knave of Hearts Donna Bialecki
Chorus of Villagers The Company
Nautical Naughties Linda Stepura, Amanda Parkinson, Beth Ross, Diane Rolston, Debbie Yakimovitch
Robins Susanne Cawston, Tracy Clarke, Carrie Foord, Sarah Hay, Jessica Lund, Amanda Lyall, Suzanne Lyall, Yvette Mercier, ZsuZsi Rety, Robin Ritchie, Pamella Whittle, Jackie Winfrey


Set Design Doug Huggins
Assistant to Director Margaret Rose
Stage Manager Doug Hall
Costumes Joan Cowley, Val Kelman, Aileen McRoberts, Margaret Wood, Nada McDonald, Molley Dixon
Properties Nancy Siver, Anne Powter, Isobel Cole, Barb Hall, Rosalie Gower, Betty Curtis, Margaret Rose
Lighting Edgar Dobie, Dale Siver
Sound  Al Wood, Johnny Rodgers, Richard Lyall
Publicity Rita Potter
Makeup Design Scotty Perry
Makeup Assistants Barb LeWarne, Arlie Straw
Program Shirley Burnham
Box Office Dennis Learey
House  Gladys Williamson
First Night Rita Potter
Stage Crew George Siver, Norm Galloway, Eldon Okert, Tony Rose, Bill Warsimage, Peter Bulman, Merton Palmer, Gary Rupert, Glen Waneck

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