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The Star Spangled Girl

February 1971

by Neil Simon

Produced by special persmission Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Directed by Frank Webster

Produced by Lorraine Galloway


Character Played by
Sophie Rauschmeyer Arlena Dodd
Norman Cornell Mike Lewis
Andrew Hobart Rod Christensen


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Evert Verkerk
Assistant Stage Manager Peter Ritchie
Properties Kathy Woodley, Susan Huggins
Costumes Val Kelman, Susann MacDonald
Makeup Jacqueline Clement
Publicity Lorraine Allum
Lighting Peter Anderson
Sound Gordon Marrion
Photography Peter Bulman, Leigh Perry
Program Scotty Perry
House Ivy Carmichael
First Night Nancy Siver, Pat Minard
Tickets Dennis Learey
Foyer Display Roger Michael

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