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Robinson Crusoe

December 1971

by Charlotte Johnson

(Produced with consent of the Author)

Adapted and Directed by Mary Huggins
(Assistant Director Lorraine Galloway)

Produced by Lorraine Allum

Original Lyrics by Margaret A. Wood

Choreography by Canadian School of Ballet under the direction of Melville Elliott


Character Played by
Robinson Crusoe Diane Benke
Lady Pamela Pamela Harford
Ma Peddlar Doug Huggins
Miss Upson-Downs Dave Abbott
Captain Skull-Duggery Paul Ekering
Mr. Morgan Murray Marten
Poll Scotty Perry
Man Friday Paul Ohanessian
Cannibal King Roger Michel
Cannibal Queen Ivy Carmichael
Witch Doctor Barry Lamb
Horrid Little Boy John Leahy
Sailors Barry Lamb, Ron White, Doug Ross


Sue Abbott, Pam Moore, Mavis Ekering, Monica Baillie,
Fiona Leahy, Jocelyn van Overbeek, Susan Watters, Rhea Kozmick, Lyn Tuscano
Cannibals Ron White, Doug Ross, Sue Abbott, Pam Moore, Monica Baillie, Mavis Ekering
Parrots and Sailor Dancers Joanne Kowalski, Linda Stepura, Diane Rolston, Beth Ross, Deborah Yakimovitch
Monday Fiona Leahy
Tuesday Jocelyn van Overbeek
Wednesday Susan Watters
Thursday Rhea Kozmick
Saturday Lyn Tuscano
Pianist Marjory McAllister
Drummer Fred Allen


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Michael Huggins
Assistant Stage Manager Steve Stoecker
Lighting Dave Yochim, Mark Williamson
Don Sibilleau
Stage Crew Ursula Ruebsaat, Gisella Ruebsaat, Rita Coe, Wendy Stevens, Dorothy Garbutt,
Yvonne Grindler, Gillian Booth
Costume Design Norma McPhail
Costume Assistants Margaret Wood, Val Redstone, Sue Dunn, Marie Nielson, Molly Dixon, Nancy Siver, Maureen Karagianis, Barbara Hall
Publicity Rita Potter
Box Office Arlena Dodd
House Dorothy Pillar
First Night Rita Potter
Photography Leigh Perry
Makeup Rosalie Gower, Sandy O’Keefe, Betty Collis, Dorothy Garbutt, Audrey Oxley, Sheila Ferguson, Eileen McRoberts
Hair and Wigs Ken Brown and Edith Milligan

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