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April 1973

by Fay and Michael Kanin

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

Directed by J. Michael Lewis

Produced by Peter Bulman

RASHOMON was entered in BCDA (Theatre BC) “non-competitive” festivals.


Character Played by
Priest David Jones
Woodcutter Jim Belsham
Wigmaker Murray Martin
Deputy Carl Asaph
Bandit (Tajomuru) Dave Abbott
Warrior (Takehiko) Cliff Faulkner
Wife (Kinume) Yvonne Grindler
Mother Rita Coe
Medium Kathy Yochim
Musicians Casy Verkerk & Chris Reid


Set Design Doug Huggins
Assistant Producer Phia Bulman
Stage Manager Rod Christensen
ASM Gordon McInnis
Lighting Dave Yochim, Marcel Lowndes
Sound Mike Huggins
Set Construction Gloria Russell, Bill Warsimage, Doug Huggins, Evert Verkerk, Steve Stoecker and the cast and crew
Make up Judy Lyman, Michele Todd
Properties Deb Malysh, Kathy Yochim
Publicity Scotty Perry, Wendy Stevens
Costume Design Norma McPhail
Costume Construction Val Redstone, Tami Burgess, Winnie Passmore, Bonnie Goble, Scotty Perry, Carol Skidmore
Production Photography Dave Cole
Opening Night Arlena Dodd
Foyer Photos Leigh Perry
House Tami Burgess
Program Lorna Lund
Script Assistant Maya Newman
Projectionist Gordon McInnis
Box Office & Ticket Sales Phia Bulman
Hair Styles & Foyer Display Scotty Perry
Music written and produced by Casey Verkerk

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