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Tom Jones

December 1972

by David Rodgers

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago

Directed by Rod Christensen

Produced by Mary Huggins


Character Played by
Partridge David Jones
Briget Allworthy Diane Benke
Squire Allworthy Chris Brown
Deborah Fran Wagner
Jenny Jones (Mrs. Waters) Yvonne Grindler
Captain Blifil Willem Roell
Tom Jones Graham Hatherley
Thwackum Mike Lewis
Square Gordon MacInnis
Mr. Western Chris Dodd
Sophia Western Kathy Yochim
Miss Western Jo Jones
Honour Sue MacDonald
Justice Dowling Steve Stoecker
Doctor Willem Roell
Highwayman Gordon MacInnis
Fitzpatrick Mike Lewis
Lady Bellaston Arlena Dodd
Blifil Doug Ross
Constable Gordon MacInnis
Harriet Jacquie Dehod
Nancy Diane Benke
Mrs. Whitefield Ivy Carmichael
Susan Fran Wagner


Set Design Evert Verkerk & Mike Lewis
Stage Manager Evert Verkerk
ASM Cal Asaph
Lighting Dave Yochim & Mark Williamson
Sound Chris Reid & Dave Douglas
Properties Christy Demas & Sharon Radmore
Set Construction George Siver, Ken Burgess, Casey Verkerk, Bill Wagner, Dionna Gonchias, Peter Hoebschwerien and members of the cast
Script Assistant Michelle Todd
Costume Design Pam Harford
Costume Construction Nancy Siver, Valerie Redstone, Winnie Passmore, Tammy Burgess, Barbara Poggemiller, Carol Skidmore, Buzz Ross, Scotty Perry, Darleen Evans, Sue Dunn, Rita Coe, Bonnie Goble, Joyce Faulkner
Publicity and Advertising Rita Potter
Theatre Sign Judy Reidlinger & Lauralei Lyle
Box Office and Ticket Sales Lorraine Galloway
House Phyllis Kayser
Program Doug Huggins
Opening Night Rita Potter
Production Photography Leigh Perry
Make Up Lee Munroe
Hair Styles Shalom Coiffures & Vernon Coiffures

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