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Butterflies are Free

March 1974

by Leonard Gershe

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

Directed by Mary Huggins

Produced by Wendy Stevens

Music composed by Steve Schwarz


Character Played by
Don Baker Edgar Dobie
Jill Benson Jacqui Young
Mrs. Baker Jo Jones
Ralph Austin Murray Marten


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Bob Satterthwaite
ASM Ken Burgess
Set Construction Tod Clarke, George Siver, Bill Warsimage, Buzz Ross, Dennis Learey, Deanna Rempel, and other members of the group
Properties Tami Burgess, Carol Kuhn, Maureen Hoskyn
Costumes Scotty Perry, Sharon Wickstrom, Bonny Goble
Make up Annette Reeves
Publicity Lorraine Allum, Coralie Allen
Posters and Distribution Maureen Hoskyn
Lighting and Sound Cliff Faulkner, Lorna Faulkner
Photographs Leigh Perry
Program Kathy Yochim, Carel Clarke
House Ivy Carmichael
First Night Rita Potter
Tickets and Box Office Phil Kayser, Aubrey Kayser
Foyer Display Sharyn Radmore
Hair Scotty Perry
Musical Arrangement Wes Clark

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