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The Tragedy of Macbeth

April 1974

by William Shakespeare

Adapted and Directed by J. Michael Lewis

Produced by Diane Benke


Character Played by
Duncan, King of Scotland Leigh Perry
His Sons
Malcolm Murray Marten
Donalbain Carl Watson
Generals of the King’s Army
Macbeth Dave Abbott
Banquo Richard Sandlers
Noblemen of Scotland
Macduff Ross Darnel
Lenos Otto Wickstrom
Rosse Tony Camson
Fleance, Son of Banquo Robert Bulman
Boy, Son of Macduff James Wetherill
A Doctor Steve Stoecker
A Porter David Jones

Lady Macbeth

Yvonne Grindler
Lady Macduff Jo Jones
Gentlewoman Attending on Lady Macbeth Wendy Stevens
The Witches
Crone Scotty Perry


Kim Martel
Maiden Kathy Yochim
Murderers Corky McMechan, Joseph Stanishevky
Messenger Jim Belsham
The Chorus Willem Roell, Jim Belsham, Patrick Connell, Joseph Stanishevsky, Corky McMechan, Wendy Nielsen, Sue Schielke, Barb Bye, Kathy Harms, Donna Ward, Michelle Todd, Judy Rudiaschy


Set Designer Evert Verkerk
Stage Manager Evert Verkerk
ASM Carol Sharpe
Script Assistant Maureen Hoskyn
Set Construction Evert Verkerk, Paul Kelly, Jim Belsham, Wendy Stevens, Donna Ward
Properties Paul Ekering, Mavis Ekering, Sue Macdonald,
Wendy Batuik
Costumes Kathy Yochim and members of the Company
Make Up Kay Brooks, Phia Bulman, Kathy Dobie
Masks designed and made by Kay Brooks
Lighting Dave Yochim
Sound Effects Bob Satterthwaite
Publicity Lorraine Allum
Production Photography Leigh Perry
Program Doug Huggins
House Bonnie Goble
Box Office Susan Misshula
Foyer Debbie Malyish
First Night Audrey Oxley and Gwen Learey

Production Photos


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