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The Cell

April 1975

by Robert Wales

Produced by special arrangement with Evans Brothers Ltd.

Directed by Paddy Malcolm English

Produced by Gwen Learey

Powerhouse hosted the 1975 Okanagan Zone Drama Festival. THE CELL was entered in the Okanagan Zone Festival and the BCDA (TheatreBC) Finals Festival.

Paddy Malcolm English received the Hamber Trophy for her contribution to community theatre.


Character Played by
Sister Catherine Mary Huggins
Sister Leonora Yvonne Grindler
Sister Veynard Scotty Perry
Mother Denis Jo Jones
Father Morris Dennis Learey
Eileen Kathy Yochim
Sister Matthew Isabel Cole
Sister Gonzaga Nancy Siver
First Girl Donna Ward
Second Girl Sandy Fisher
The Choir Kay Teirney, Annette Reeves, Penny Thorburn, Mary Ann Tennant, Tami Burgess, Shannon Rose, Brenda Jemmeson, Sandra Diozowich, Lyn Carmichael


Set Design Doug Huggins
Costume Design Boni Harrison
Lighting Design Mike Huggins
Assistant to Director Murray Marten
Assistant Producer Mavis Ekering
Stage Manager Doug Huggins
Lighting Assistants Peter Huggins, Michael Allen
Set Construction George Siver, Bob Walker, Peter Reeves, Peter Jemmeson, Leigh Perry
Furniture Construction Mike Huggins, Don McGee
Sound Paul Ekering, Hank Verkerk
Properties Wendy Stevens, Ann Laidman
Costume Construction Winnie Passmore, Heather Scott, Mavis Ekering
Make Up Ken Brown, Margaret Rose
Publicity Diane Benke, Deanna Rempel
Box Office Tami Burgess
House Ivy Carmichael
Photography Leigh Perry
First Night Audrey Oxley
Foyer Sue MacDonald

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