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Finishing Touches

April 1976

by Jean Kerr

Produced by special permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Directed by Mary Huggins

Produced by Wendy Stevens


Character Played by
Katy Cooper Jo Jones
Jeff Cooper David Wendel
Hughie Cooper, the Youngest Steve Bettison
Kevin Cooper, a High School Senior Jonathan Merrick
Fred Whitten Reg Scott
Steve Cooper, a Harvard Senior Denis Hassell
Felicia Andrayson Wendy Martin
Elsie Ketchum Sheridan Otto


Set Designer Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Chris Bayne
ASM John Maguire
Lighting Design Mike Huggins and Peter Huggins
Set Construction Chris Bayne, John Maguire, David Jones, Bob Walker, John Renni, George Siver, George Remmington, Doug Huggins, Leigh Perry, Peter Jemmeson, Wenty Stevens
Sound Bob Walker
Costumes Chris Cooper, Heather Scott
Properties Dorothy Walker, Brenda Jemmeson, Sue Abbott
Stage Properties Scotty Perry
Publicity Kay Brookes
Program Penny Bayne, Barbara Ferguson
Photography Leigh Perry, John Maguire
Foyer Scotty Perry
Make Up Lynne Snowball
Hair Becki Bourne of the The Unicorn
House Nancy Siver, Penny Thorburn
Preview Tami Burgess
First Night Dagmar Maguire
Box Office Phyll Kayser

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