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April 1978

FINALE (An Evening of One Acts)

Last Wednesday

Written and Directed by James Bowlby

The Footsteps of Doves

by Robert Anderson

Produced by special permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Written and Directed by Jo Jones

Chamber Music

by Arthur Kopit

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

Directed by Voni Grindler

Produced by Dorothy Brotsky and Pat Robertson


About the Play


Last Wednesday Cast

Character Played by
Madame Justine Deveneaux Agnes Rudeen
Simone, her companion Penny Thorburn
Justin, Madame’s Son David Heath

The FootSteps of Doves Cast

Character Played by
Salesman Maury Banks
Harriet Shirley Remmington
George George Remmington
Jill Maurine Greenberg

Chamber Music Cast

Character Played by
Woman who plays records Scotty Perry
Woman with rifle Valerie Redstone
Woman with notebook Wendy Stevens
Woman in coveralls Angela Moore
Woman with cushion Cathy Kitcher
Woman in queenly garb Nancy Siver
Woman with crucifix Cheryl Hanson
Woman with gavel Jill Nielson
Man Dave Brotsky


Set Design Dave Brotsky, Sandra Watts
assisted by Dave Robertson, Scotty Perry
Lighting Design Dave Brotsky
Stage Manager Brian Casement
ASM’S Gabby Casement, Patrick Hickenbottom, Jim Brown
Set Construction Dave Brotsky, Jim Brown, George Siver, Dennis Learey, Scotty Perry, Wendy Stevens, David Heath, David Jones, Dave Robertson, Gwen Learey
Stage Crew David Jones, Dave Gelpke
Costumes Billie Milholland, Sue Abbott, Chris Cooper, Donna Johnson
Properties Debbie Jamieson, Barb Burnett
Lighting Operator
Brian Casement
Sound Recording Brian Casement
Sound Operator Debbie Jamieson
Make Up Annette Reeves
Hair Edward of Kimiko’s
Program Leigh Perry
Publicity Ann Nevill
House Norma McPhail
Box Office Judy Smith
Preview Sharon Wickstrom
Foyer Leah Woodard
First Night Barb Burnett

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