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How the Other Half Loves

October 1977

by Alan Ayckbourn

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

Directed by Bill Nicholl

Produced by Brian and Gaby Casement


Character Played by
Fiona Foster Brenda Jemmeson
Teresa Philips
Jill Nielson
Frank Foster
David Jones
Bob Philips James Bowlby
Mary Featherston Voni Grindler
William Featherstone
Geoff White


Set Design Doug Huggins and Scotty Perry
Stage Manager John Maguire
ASM George Remmington
Set Construction John Maguire, George Remmington, Peter Reeves, George Siver, Jane Edmonds, Wendy Stevens, Rick Cordingley, Parke Davis, Peter Jemmeson,
Ron McLean, Bernie Mantai, Brian Casement
Properties Shannon Rose, Sandy Fisher, Cathy Strom, Tara Martin, Alison Roworth, Ann Nevill
Costumes Ann Nevill, Penny Bayne, Ruth Lytle, Chris Cooper
Make Up Dennis Learey, Dagmar Maguire
Publicity Ann Nevill
Lighting Jim Brown, Kathy Kitcher
Sound Bob Walker, Chris Bayne
Photography Leigh Perry
Program Sandy Fisher
House Dagmar Maguire
First Night Lynn McLachlan, Maureen Greenberg
Last Night Gwen Learey, Pat Burube
Tickets and Box Office
Nancy Siver
Foyer Display
Diana Dennison
Hair Becky Bourne of Unicorn Hair Design
Paul Eckering

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