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The Sea

February 1978

by Edward Bond

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago

Directed by Paddy English

Produced by Gwen Learey and Wendy Stevens


Character Played by
Willy Carson Vince De Tourdonnet
Evens Bill Nichols
Hatch Dennis Learey
Hollarcut John Lattimer
Vicar Doug Leadbetter

George Remmington

Thompson Harry Jordan
Louise Rafi Mary Huggins
Rose Jones Leri Davies
Jessica Tilehouse Penny Bayne
Mafanwy Price Debbie Lang
Jilly Barb Burnett
Rachel Kathy Kitcher
Davis Billie Milholland
Musician Marilyn Phillips
Extras Paul Ekering, Ron McLean, Ross Leadbetter


Stage Manager Doug Huggins
ASM Jim Brown
Set Construction Lloyd English, Doug Huggins, Jim Brown, Dale Curnett, Bruce Ainsworth, George Siver, Parke Davis, Peter Jemmeson, Wendy Stevens, Gwen Learey
Lighting Peter Huggins
Sound Rick Cordingley
Hand Properties Shirley Remmington
Stage Properties Kay Brookes
Costume Design Margaret Ryan
Costume Workshop Win Passmore, Val Redstone, Nancy Siver, Scotty Perry, Sharon Wickstrom, Penny Thorburn
Publicity Lorraine Allum
Programme Dave Abbott
Leigh Perry
Foyer Display Ann Nevill
House Pat Robertson
Box Office Judy Smith
First Night Jill Nielsen
Preview Brenda Jemmeson
Make Up Lynne Snowball
Hairstyles Becky Bourne of Unicorn
Last Night Scotty Perry

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