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I Never Sang For My Father

February 1979

by Robert Anderson

Produced by special permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Directed by Sarah Perry

Produced by Wendy Stevens


Character Played by
Gene Garrison David Wendel
Porter Carl Watson
Tom Garrison
Bill Nicholls
Margaret Garrison Jo Jones
Mary Cheryl Hanson
Nurse Margaretha Verhulst
Revered Pell Chris Bayne
Marvin Scott Dave Robertson
Dr. Mayberry Rod Neufeld
Alice Sharon Wickstrom


Set Designer Dave Brotsky
Stage Manager Willem Roell
ASM Joan Sasges
Stage Properties Leslie Frankish, Brena Jemmeson, Marilyn Nelson
Hand Properties Ann Nevill
Lighting Designer Dave Brotsky
Lighting Operator Dave Heath
Sound Eileen Richardson
Costumes Lorraine Johnson, Valerie Redstone, Nancy Siver, Penny Thorburn
Make Up Dennis Learey
Hair Mark of Super-Cut
Publicity Nancy Harwood
Programme Wendy Stevens
House Annette Reeves
Preview Brenda Jemmeson
Box Office Lyn MacLachlan
Foyer Display Lorraine Allum
Photography Leigh Perry
Opening Night Gwen Learey
Music Carl Watson

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