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The Only Game in Town

April 1979

by Frank D. Gilroy

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

Directed by Monty Hughes

Produced by Nancy Harwood


Character Played by
Fran Walker Donna Ward
Joe Grady Carl Watson
Thomas Lockwood Monty Hughes


Set Designer Scotty Perry
Stage Manager Pauline McKenzie
ASM Patrick Hickinbottom
Properties Valerie Redstone, Nancy Siver, Dianne Schmunk
Lighting Designer Pauline McKenzie
Lighting Operator Wendy Stevens, Geoff Green
Sound Ron Fulton, Jan Fuerst
Costumes Lorraine Johnson
Make Up Lynne Snowball
Hair Ahmet Eronat of Super-Cut
Publicity and Program Jack Nittel
House Norma McPhail
Preview Brenda Jemmeson
Box Office Penny Thorburn
Foyer Display Ann Nevil
Photography Stephen Learey
Set Construction Richard Cordingley, Peter Jemmeson, David Jones, Dennis Learey, Bill MacPherson, George Siver, Wendy Stevens

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