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I Am A Camera

April 1981

by John Van Druten

based on Christopher Isherwood’s writings

Produced by special permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Directed by Shirley Remmington

Produced by Annette Reeves and Dave Brotsky



Character Played by
Christopher Isherwood  Alan Arnold
Fraulein Schneider Nancy Siver
Fritz Wendel Carl Watson
Sally Bowles Sharon Wickstrom
Natalia Landauer Cathy Hendy
Clive Mortimer Wayne Primeau
Mrs. Watson-Courtneidge   Madeleine Bailey


Set Design  Dave Brotsky
Technical Producer  Dave Brotsky
Stage Manager Karen MacKay
ASM  Wendy Stevens
Set Décor Lori Foisey, Debbie Rourke
Properties  Tami Burgess, Rod Neufeld, Heather Wyper
Set Construction George Siver, Daryl Gaetz, Mandy Reeves, Wendy Stevens, Peter Jemmeson, Peter Reeves, George Remmington and Powerhouse members
Costumes Lorraine Johnson, Lynn McCannell
Lighting Terry Press
Sound Nancy Harwood
Hair Michelle Todd
Administrative Producer  Annette Reeves
Publicity  Nancy Harwood
Program Daryl Gaetz., Mandy Reeves
Poster Design Dave Brotsky, Lorraine Johnson
Box Office  Suzanne Wallden
Foyer Scotty Perry, Lorrie Siver
Photography Leigh Perry
House Manager  Valerie Redstone
Preview Brenda Jemmeson
Bar Peter Jemmeson, Penny Thorburn
Opening Night Reception Karen MacKay, Alan Arnold
Closing Night Reception  Nancy Harwood, Karen MacKay

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