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Mr. Adams

October 1985

by Primrose Miller

Produced with consent of the Author

World Premiere Perfomance

Directed by Paddy English

Produced by Lorraine Allum, Audrey Emkeit



Character Played by
In order of appearance - Mary Huggins
  Debra Keane
  Alan Arnold
  Lorraine Allum
  Ian Kelly
  Doug Huggins


John Sherrington
Set Designer Doug Huggins
Administrative Assistant Sandra Leggott

Cathy Hendy, Cynthia Pronick,Cherie Orback

Stage Manager Audrey Emkeit
ASM Erin Allum
Set Décor  Larry Armstrong
Assisted by Mary Anne Gasada and Pat McMillan
Head Stage Carpenter Willem Roell
Assisted by Steve Stoecker, Bert Wright, Paul Berrington
Special Effects & Special Properties John Sherrington, Bob Parkes
Costumes Brenda DeBoice, Marilyn Miles, Pat McMillan, Cathy Cobbe
Make Up Lynn Wiens
Hair Steve Whitehead
Publicity Audrey Emkeit, Cathy Cobbe
Sound John Sherrington
Preview Eileen Richardson
Program Louise Wilcox
House Suzanne Wallden, Lois McLaren
Posters Christine Gardner
Opening Night Powerhouse Executive
Foyer Sharon Mattick
Lighting Vicki Ryan, Ginny Jones Thomson
Bar  Wanda Champion
Box Office Christine Tulloch
Photography John Sherrington, Wendy Stevens, Dave Wallden
Final Night  Ginny Jones Thomson

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