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A Midsummer Night's Dream

November 1988

by William Shakespeare

Adapted and directed by Paddy English

Produced by Joan Karstensen and Sarah Perry


About the Play




Character Played by
Theseus, Duke of Arden John Fraher
Egeus, Father to Hermia John Wakefield
Lysander John Sherrington
Demetrius in love with Hermia Dhugael Perry
Master Revelier Randy Lownsbrough
Peter Quince, a carpenter Chris Bayne
Snug, a joiner Doug Holmes
Nick Bottom, a weaver
Doug Huggins
Francis Flute, a bellows mender Jason Emde
Tom Snout, a tinker
Fraser Carroll
Robin Starveling, a tailor
Harvey Garlick
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons
Katherine Mageau
Hermia, daughter of Egeus Julie Oakes
Helena, in love with Demetrius
Bonnie Flindt
Oberson, King of the Fairies John Wakefield
Titania, Queen of the Fairies
Mary Huggins
Puck or Robin Goodfellow Sharon MacKay
Mistrel Richard Creel
Rosebud Erin Garlick
Lady Slipper Jody Wenger
Pussy Willow Tracy Forsberg
Moth Michelle Holmgren
Mustardseed Sarah Keane
Cobweb Katy Sigalet
Peablossom Jacqueline Ryan
Batwing Courtenay Ricketts
Dragonfly Jennifer Wakefield
Poison Ivy Adam Garlick
ROYALS Matthew Wakefield, Ruby Alexis, James Bayne, Hanna Samuelssom, Alexandra Bayne, Darlene Ricketts


Set Designer Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Willem Roell
Lighting Designers Michael Huggins, Peter Huggins
Lighting Operator Vicki Ryan
Costume Designer Valerie Redstone
Masks and Costume Decoration Sandra Watts
Costume Sewing Valerie Redstone, Susan Johnson, Pauline MacKay
Marion Farlette, Darlene Ricketts, Brenda DeBoice,
Lois McLaren, Bonnie Goble, Irene Oizumi
Mary Sherwood
Sound Technician
John Cameron
Special Effects Bob Parkes
Properties Cathy Hendy, Joan Sasges, Cathy Sakakibara, Chris Bayne, Eric Watkins, Shelley Abraham
Artistic Designer Sarah Perry
Sarah Perry, Andrea Thorburn
Proscenium Arch Crest Frank Poll
Makeup Patricia Turton, Brenda Viala
Gala Committee Chairperson Annette Reeves
Assistant to the Producers Shelley Abraham
Publicity Jo Jones
Foyer Display Mary Huggins, Cathy Sakakibara, Doug Huggins, Gwen Learey
Poster Design Julie Oakes
Photography Dave Wallden, Heidi Thompson
House Managers Penny Bayne, Rosemary Watkins
Box Office Towne Ticket Centre, Oralie Wright, Cathy Sakakibara
Preview Mary Anne Kovlaske
Program Lorraine Allum, Penny Bayne
Bar Managers Dave Abbott, David Jones
First Night Party Cathy Holland
Final Night Party
Tish Cameron, Joan Karstensen

Production Photos

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