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Brighton Beach Memoirs

February 1991

by Neil Simon

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

Directed by Sarah McLean

Produced by Mo Ruscheinsky, Teresa Garbutt



Character Played by
Eugene Jason Donaldson
Blanche Cathy Hendy
Kate Kate Yochim
Laurie Courtenay Ricketts
Nora Jennifer Barker
Stanley Scott Pattison
Jack Dave Robertson


Set Design Doug Huggins
Assistant to the Director Shelley Abraham
Stage Manager John Mussenden
Set Construction John Mussenden, Brian Donovan, Wendy Stevens, Bud Harris, Chris Bayne, Eric Watkins, Shelley Abraham
Set Décor Joy Akesson
Lighting Brian Donovan
Properties Susan Johnson, Rosemary Watkins, Wanda Champion, Penny Bayne
Costumes Deborah Toye, John Wakefield
Sound Dave Abbott
Preview Night Bonnie Flindt
Publicity Lorraine Allum
Program Jessi Ellingson
Photography Dave Walden, Darlene Mussenden
Front of House Eileen Richardson
Poster Jessi Ellingson
Opening Night Darlene Ricketts
Final Night Pat Robertson
Bar Brian Deboice

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