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The Gin Game

May 1991

by D. L. Coburn

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

Directed by Paddy English

Produced by Urstla Klassen


Character Played by
Fonsia Dorsey Mary Huggins
Weller Martin Brian Swarbrick
Residents and Visitors to the Bentley Home for the Aged Joan Karstensen, John Mussenden,
Pauline McKenzie, Donna McMurtry,
Urstla Klassen


Set Design Sarah McLean
Lighting Design Vicki Ryan
Stage Manager John Mussenden
Construction Head John Mussenden
Set Décor Sarah McLaren, Joy Akesson
Lighting Operator Brian Donovan
Properties Manager Donna McMurtry
Properties Crew Shelley Abraham, Joan Karstensen, Donna McMurtry, Urstla Klassen, John Mussenden, Marika McKenzie-Haspeck,
Rod McKenzie
Piano Player Pauline McKenzie
Costumes Maureen Ruscheinsky
Sound Alan Charter-Smith
Production Photographer Jessi Ellingson
Club Photographer David Wallden
Foyer Brenda Viala, Bonnie Flindt
Preview Bonnie Flindt
Poster Design Jessi Ellingson
Publicity Wendy Stevens
Front of House Teresa Garbutt
Program Lorraine Allum
Bar Co-ordinator Bud Harris
Opening Night Donna Brown
Final Night Gary and Kathy Holland
Make-Up and Hair by the cast

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