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Later Life

May 1998

by A. R. Gurney

Presented by permission of Dramatist Play Service Inc.

Directed by Jo Jones

Produced by Maryann Dyer and Willem Roell

Okanagan Zone

1998 Okanagan Zone Drama Festival

Later Life was entered in the 1998 Okanagan Zone Drama Festival.

Best Set: Doug Huggins, Later Life, Powerhouse Theatre

Best Wigs & Hair: Beth Markson, Later Life, Powerhouse Theatre

Best Lighting Design: John Lomas, Later Life, Powerhouse Theatre

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Character Played by
Austin Jim Brown
Ruth Josi Apps
Other Women Cathryn Brown
Other Men Nigel Harvey


Set Design Doug Huggins
Assistant to Director Natalia Usselman
Set Construction John Mussenden, John Hudgin, Norm Jaques, Chris Bayne, Martin Niedballa, Willem Roell
Set Decor John Dyer, Brenda Warner, Leslie Phipps, Dave Cunningham, Laverne Hollinshead, Lisa Hollinshead, Mark Judd, Wendy Stevens, Woody Webster, Amber Stinson
Sound Design Randy Jones
Sound Operator Lisa Hollinshead
Lighting Design John Lomas with assistance from Dave Brotsky, Jo-Ann Jaques, Dave Abbott
Lighting Operator John Lomas
Properties Joan Karstensen, Laverne Hollinshead
Costumes Beth Markson, Susan Johnson, Laverne Hollinshead
Makeup Karen Litke
Hair and Wigs Shear Dimension Hair Designs
Preview Helene Clark
First & Final Night Jo-Ann Jaques
House Manager Nancy Siver
Publicity Jim Hannah
Program Lorraine Allum, Brian Armstrong
Poster Design Laverne Hollinshead
Foyer Display John Dyer
Photography Dave Wallden, Doug Jones

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