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Fair Liberty's Call

May 1999

by Sharon Pollock

Produced by special arrangement with Playrights Union of Canada

Directed by Joan Sasges

Produced by Teresa Mooney


Character Played by
Black Wullie Thomas Thomas
Daniel Chris Marioni *
* Chris Marioni appears by permission of Canadian Actor’s Equity
Major Williams
Keith Wightman
George Dennis Rackliff
Joan Maureen Rusheinsky
Annie Erin Rutley
Eddie Delphine Litke
Anderson Slade Compton


Stage Manager Ramine Adl
ASM/Special Effects Sheila Mandreck
Lighting Design/Operator Dhugael McLean
Sound Design/Operator Jerome Veenendaal
Costumes Susan McCormick, Penny Thorburn, Janice Bushey, Louise Butler, Joan Sasges
Set Construction Jim Russell, Ian Kelly, Chris Bayne, Set Décor Sarah McLean, Patsy Brooks
Properties Jean Given, Teresa Mooney, Ian Kelly
Fight Direction Liza Judd
Makeup Teresa Mooney
Hair Laurie Bingham, Teresa Mooney
Poster/Program Liza Judd
Front of House Teresa Mooney
Foyer Display Patsy Brooks
Preview Cathy Despres
Publicity Pat Svard
First Night Nicole Kokotilo
Final Night Val Heuman

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