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Aladdin and his Magic Lamp

December 1999

by K. W. Stevens

Produced with consent of the Author

Directed by Mary Huggins

Produced by Ian Kelly and Sharie Lomas

Musical Director Jo Jones



Character Played by
Aladdin Stephen LaCasse
Princess of the Seven Moons Kerryanne Cameron
Eye Oh You Rick Smith
Widow Twankee - Aladdin’s Mother Doug Huggins
Stupid Prince John Lomas
Uncle Ebenezer Jackson Mace
Genie of the Lamp Alison Ramsay
Emperor of China Dave Sayer
Advisor to the Emperor David Jones
Viziera Sally Evans
Advisoress to the Viziera Jo-Ann Jaques
Astronomer Seamus Wolfe
Genie of the Ring Jessica Orr
Sorceress Joan Karstensen
Town Crier Shanna Woolsey
Guards Dave McBride, Barton Hickson
Camel Chris Bayne, Penny Bayne
Mother’s Friends Stephanie Gaidica, Melissa Gregerson, Amy Jackson, Shelley Ruscheinsky
Aladdin’s Friends: The boys David Markin, Syd Sengotta, Peter Lomas, Brendan Mace, Marisa Vest
Aladdin’s Friends: The girls Kayleigh Mace, Emily MacArthur, Danielle Mooney, Jenelle Smith, Megan Smith
Guardians of the Lamp Kayleigh Mace, Janelle Smith, Megan Smith,
Danielle Mooney, Shelley Ruscheinsky,
Emily MacArthur, Stephanie Gaidica, Marisa Vest
Fan Dancers and Ribbon Dancers (Members of the Okanagan School of Ballet):Bobbi Doling, Nancy Doling, Kaitlin Enns, Elyse Fortin, Taryn Springinotic, Elise LeDrew, Lindsay Lobe, Jamie Hawke, Katherine Wilson, Katy Schroeder


Keyboards Trudy McGrath
Bass Monty Hughes
Drums Matt Pord
Rehearsal Pianist Kathy Ross


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Willem Roell
ASM Sheila Mandreck
Stage Crew Jason Baker, Mike Ruscheinsky,
Gord Gregerson, Jodi Plouffe
Set Construction
Jim Russell with Chris Bayne, Norm Jaques, David Jones, Dave Abbott
Set Décor Head
Sarah McLean
Set Décor Crew Patsy Brooks, Melanie Christien, Jean Elliott, Bonnie Gable, Jean Givens, Jo-Ann Jaques, Kerry Lanaway, Josie Lofting, Tara Makar, Tyler Makar, Lesley McCoy, Beverly Rooke, Mary Napier, Jodie Plouffe, Wendy Stevens, John Ravensbergen, Darlene Mussenden
Lighting Designer/Operator Dhugael McLean
Follow Spot Operators Vanessa Lomas, Jenny Lomas
Sound Randy (Bones) Jones
Properties Mo Ruscheinsky with Jean Given, Rose Samoliski, Iya Maksymchuk
Costumes Beth Markson, Derryanne Saunders
Hair Kathy Volpatti, Cyenthia Robertson
Makeup Heather Hickson, Linda Reid, Valli-Ann Pasemko
Special Effects John Shanks and Andy Shanks
Magic Consultant Peter Rutherford
Photography Doug Jones
Publicity and Poster Lorraine Allum
Front of House David Milner
Foyer Pauline Kyllonen
Program Kerry Hutter
Preview Helene Clark
Final Night Nancy Siver

Production Photos


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