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Dirty Work at the Crossroads

May 2001

by Bill Johnson

With permission from Samuel French Inc.

Directed by Jim Brown

Produced by Norman Jaques

Music Arranged and Directed by Molly Boyd and Mary Huggins

Lorraine Allum received the Hamber Award for her ongoing contribution to community theatre in British Columbia at Theatre BCs Mainstage Festival in Kamloops in July 2001


Character Played by
Nellie Lovelace Christine Balfour
Adam Oakhart Clive Goodrich
Widow Lovelace Jo-Ann Jaques
Munro Murgatroyd Shawn Reed
Ida Rhinegold Lyisla Demchuk
Mookie Maguggins Chris Charlton
Mrs. Upson Asterbilt Liz MacArthur
Leonie Emily MacArthur
Fleurette Dallas Nickel
Little Nell Jordan Prentice


Set Design Dave Brotsky
Stage Manager
Doug Huggins
ASM Ken Cain, Marisa Vest
Set Construction
Dave Brotsky with Norm Jaques, Mark Judd, Ron Heuman, Marisa Vest, Patricia Stewart, Jim Brown, Cheryl Boyle, Wendy Stevens, Norman Belanger, Amanda Ventresca, Alan Charter-Smith, David Jones
Set Décor Dave Brotsky, Gail Thomas
Set Décor Crew Val Heuman, Joey Robison, Jean Collier, Sarah McLean, Joan Allen, Betty Klein, Wendy MacDougall, Dorie Klose, Sheila Mandreck, Chris Bayne
Lighting Design Dave Brotsky, Jo-Ann Jaques
Lighting Crew Matthew Lea, Randy (Bones) Jones
Lighting Operator Matthew Lea
Follow-Spot Operators Vanessa Lomas, Ginny Ewert
Properties Jodi Lawrence, Brandy Thiessen
Backstage Crew Kena Teite, Willem Roell
Sound Design Mary Niedballa
Sound Operator Brenda Warner
Costumes Jane Barclay with Patricia Stewart, Jean Givens, Sewers Nancy Siver, Jo-Ann Jaques, Ann Ewert, Elizabeth Ripley, Valerie Redstone, Milliner Cindy-Lee MacKrell
Dressers Sheila Butler, Kelly McDonald
Hair and Makeup Cindy-Lee MacKrell, Monica Duncan
Poster Dave Brotsky
Publicity Lorraine Allum
Program Pauline Kyllonen
Foyer Display Sarah McLean
Dave Wallden
Front of House Donna Brown
Preview Helene Clark
Final Night Julie Armitage

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