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The Other Side of the Pole

November 2000

by Steven Heatley

Written with Marney Heatley and Edward Connell

Music and Lyrics by Edward Connell

Presented by permission of Playwrights Union of Canada

Directed by Dave Sayer

Produced by Donna Brown

Musical Director Jo Jones






Character Played by
Willy David Markin
Lectro/John Smith Clif Heinrichs
Baubles/Alex Kringle Jackson Mace
Sparkle/Sandy Kringle Kelly Clarke
Marzipan/Pix Kringle Julie Armitage
Mylar Delphine Litke
Digits Alex MacArthur
Flipper Kelly Ingersoll
Pianist Alex MacArthur


Set Design Chris Bayne
Stage Manager Sheila Mandreck
ASM Sarah McLean, Marilynne Calver
Set Construction Jim Russell with Ian Kelly, Ron Heuman, Norm Jaques, Peter Kubilius, Normand Belanger
Set Décor Sarah McLean, Jean Given
Set Décor Crew Lynne Gerlach, Wendy Stevens, Brenda Warner, Kaley Mace, Shannon Kinnear, Jody Cameron, Nikki Litowski, Monica Jewell, Therese Robinson
Costumes Derryanne Saunders, Beth Markson
Makeup Lynne Gerlach
Hair Cynthia Robertson with Shallin and Liz
Kathryn Crowder, Sasha Crowder, Doreen Hossie
Sound Design and Operator Matthew Lea
Lighting Design and Operator Dhugael McLean
Special Effects Dhugael McLean
Foyer Display Nikki Litowski, Monica Jewell
Photography Doug Jones, Dave Wallden
Poster Liza Judd
Program Lorraine Allum
Publicity Jo-Ann Jaques
Front of House Nancy Siver
Final Night Val Heuman

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