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Chapter Two

February 2002

by Neil Simon

Directed by David Jones

Produced by Jo-Ann Jaques


Character Played by
George Schneider Dave Sayer
Leo Schneider Brian Armstrong
Jennie Malone Christine Balfour
Faye Medwick Dianne Couves


Set Design Eugene Leveque
Stage Manager Kelly Ingersoll
ASM Bethany Armstrong
Set Construction Head Norman Jaques
Construction Crew Alan Charter-Smith, Eugene Leveque,Ken Cain, Ian Kelly, Bob Spearman,John Ravensbergen, Ron Heuman, Chris Bayne, Jim Brown, Peter Kubilius
Set Décor Advisor Michael Cade
Set Décor Coordinators Kelly MacDonald, Sheila Butler
Set Décor Crew Wendy Stevens, Val Heuman, Lorraine Lee, Jack Lee, Diane Coutts, Kelly MacDonald, Sharon Leveque, Sheila Butler
Lighting Design Arlene Spearman, Jo-Ann Jaques
Lighting Crew Norman Jaques, Bob Spearman
Lighting Operator Rob Tindall
Sound Design Michael Stitt
Sound Operators Michael Stitt, Todd James
Properties Joan Karstensen, Darryle Eaton
Backstage Crew Ginny Ewert
Costume Coordinators Nancy Siver, Beth Markson
Makeup Diane Coutts
Hair Styles on Mane
Publicity/Advertising Val Heuman
Front of House Clif Heinrichs
Program Jo Jones
Foyer Design Jean Elliott, Lori Bingham
Poster Lorraine Allum
Preview Jim Brown
Opening Night Jo-Ann Jaques
Final Night Lorraine Lee
Photography Dave Wallden, Courtney Wallden

Set Design & Model by Eugene Leveque

Set Model

Actual Set

Actual Set

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