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London Suite

March 2003

by Neil Simon

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

Directors Doug Edgar, Jean Given, Dianne Couves, Jackson Mace

Producers Nancy Siver, John Lomas


Character Played by
Brian Bob Frederickson
Billy Brian Armstrong
Lauren Bethany Armstrong
Mrs. Semple Susan Johnson
Diana Leigh Skelly
Grace Sharon Pratico
Sidney Russell Cunliffe
Mark Clive Goodrich
Annie Janet Walmsley
Mrs. Sitgood Agnes Orsi
Bellman Cale Lewis
Dr. McMerlin Garth Walberg


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Sheelagh Jones
ASM Ken Cain
Set Construction Head Paul Van Hooydonk
Set Construction Crew
Bob Spearman, Ken Cain, Chris Baye, Norm Jaques
Set Décor Head
Val Heuman
Set Décor Crew Wendy Stevens, Carlayne Baxter, Shizuka Ota, Mizuki Takeda
Properties Head Mary Gale
Properties Crew Lyisla Demchuk, Janet Lindsay
Lighting Design/Operators JoAnn Jaques, Arlene Spearman
Lighting Crew Norm Jaques, Bob Spearman
Sound Geoff Westfall, Kyle Jones
Costume Co-ordinator Jane Barclay
Costume Assistant
Lynne Young
Hair/Makeup Sarah McLean
Publicity Lesley McCoy
Front of House Helene Clark, Bonnie Fretz
Photography Dave Wallden
Poster Lorraine Allum
Program Lorraine Allum
Foyer Design Val Heuman
Preview Joan Karstensen
Opening Night Ruth Astin, Penny Thorburn
Final Night Pip Jordan

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