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Talking Heads

May 2003

by Alan Bennet

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Directed by Sarah McLean

Produced by Val Heuman



Character Played by
Susan Cathryn Brown
Violet Mary Huggins
Irene Jo Jones


Set Design Sarah McLean
Stage Manager Willem Roell
ASM Andrea Schulte
Set Construction Head
Chris Bayne
Set Décor Val Heuman
Properties Mary Gale, Ann Ewert
Lighting Design Dhugael McLean
Lighting Operator Jim Elderton
Sound Design Bob Oldfield
Sound Operator Kyle Jones
Costumes Beth Markson, Elizabeth Ripley, Carlayne Baxter
Makeup/Hair Jean Given, Laurie Bingham
Program Wendy Stevens
Poster Penny Thorburn
Publicity Lesley McCoy
Photography Dave Wallden, John Lomas
Foyer Design Jean Elliott
House Liz McArthur
Preview Joan Karstensen, Bernadette Raupach
Bar Clif Heinrichs
Opening Night Andrea Schulte, Julie Armitage
Final Night Laurie Fraser

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