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Wrong For Each Other

November 2002

by Norm Foster

Produced by special arrangement with Playwrights Union of Canada

Directed by Dave Sayer

Produced by Wendy Stevens


Character Played by
Norah Case Christine Balfour
Rudy Sorenson Bob Oldfield


Set Design Dave Sayer
Stage Manager Bethany Armstrong
ASM Lesley Kalmakoff
Set Construction Head Paul Van Hooydonk
Set Construction Crew
Dave Sayer, Adrian Van Hooydonk
Set Décor Dave Sayer, Wendy Stevens, Carlayne Baxter, Val Heuman, Joan Zielke, Jean Elliot
Lighting Designer John Lomas
Lighting Operator Doug Edgar
Sound Stephen Noftall
Props Beth Markson
Costumes Beth Markson
Hair Cyenthia Robertson
Publicity Leslie McCoy
Poster Lesley McCoy, Lorraine Allum
Program Lorraine Allum
Photography Dave Wallden
Foyer Jean Givens
House Agnes Orsi, Sheelagh Jones
Preview Joan Karstensen
Opening Night Ron Heuman
Final Night Pip Jordan

Production Photos


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