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Peter Pan

November 18th to December 6th, 2003

A musical based on the book by Sir James M. Barrie

Director: Mary Huggins

Producers: Val Heuman and Sharie Lomas

Musical Director: Jeanne Helt

Choral Director: Julie Armitage


Character Played By
Michael Alex Judd
Wendy Siobhan Raupach
John Aaron Sholomenko
Liza Sam Makarenko
Nana the dog Kayleigh Mace
Mrs Darling Lori Hancock
Mr Darling Jackson Mace
Tinker Bell Ginny Ewert
Peter Pan Jennifer Wakefield-Flynn
Captain Hook Jackson Mace
Smee Rick Smith
Crocodile James Acton
Wendy (Grown up) Cindy Gammie
Jane Sam Makarenko
Lost Boys Played By
Nibs Sean Bibby
Tootles Sean Bucsis
Bugs Trystan Carter
Slightly Brennan Cunliffe
Jonah Kyle Jones
Curly Christopher Parsons
Island Natives Played By
Tiger Lily Heather Harker
  Andrea Bailey, Allison Butula, Allison Jaquish, Emily MacArthur, Ashley Plomp, Megan Smith, Jennifer Steeves
Pirates Played By
Cecco Chris Bayne
Starkey Russell Cunliffe
Mullins Aaron Flynn
Jukes Clif Heinrichs
Noodler David Jones
Barnacle John Lomas
Flint Garth Walberg

Production Crew

Set Design Doug Huggins
Set Model Eugene Leveque
Rehearsal Pianists Jeanne Helt, Alex MacArthur, Toni Rose
Musicians Jeanne Helt, Alex MacArthur, Christian Sjonnesen
Music and Sound Bob Oldfield
Choreographer Barry Coulter
Fencing Instructor Graham Glockling
Stage Manager Willem Roell
Assistant Stage Managers Sheelagh Jones, Sheila Mandreck
Flying Operators Mark Judd and Bob Spearman with Chris Bayne, Aaron Flynn, Geoff White
Lighting Design Dhugael McLean
Lighting Operator Jane Loewen
Properties Susan Johnson with Chris Bayne, Doreen Blackwood, Jessica Doner, Sandra Doner, Jean Elliott, Eldre Jamieson, Liza Judd, Darlene Mussenden, Penny Thomas, Dave Horsham, Dave Brotsky
Sound Design and Operation Ron Bianco, Stephen Noftall
Costume Coordinators Carlayne Baxter with Wendy Festing, Trista Kerr, Judy Haymond, Coreen Jenner, Shelley May, Beth Markson, Giselle Martel
Victorian Costumes and Captain Hook Lorraine Johnson-Brotsky
Nana and Crocodile Costumes: Val Heuman
Makeup Joan Karstensen with Jean Given and students from Avanti Studio Professional School of Makeup
(Special makeup effects created by Paul Castle of Dragon Dream Studios)

Set Construction

Darling Nursery Eugene Leveque with Conway Clark, David Jones, Bert Sonntag, Bob Spearman
Lost Boys Home and Neverland Chris Bayne with Alan Charter Smith, Aaron Flynn, Norman Jaques
Pirate Ship, The Jolly Roger John Ravensbergen with Ken Cain,
Mark Judd, Mike Ruscheinsky, John Shanks,
Geoff White, Willem Roell

Set Décor

Set Décor Head Sarah McLean
Set Décor Crew Chris Bayne, Doreen Blackwood, Kaitlin Blackwood, Dave Brotsky,
Diane Coutts, Mary Charter-Smith, Jessica Doner, Val Heuman, Jo Jones,
Sheelagh JonesKelly Kupser, Jane Loewen, Eugene Leveque, Sharon Leveque, Sheila Mandreck, Darlene Mussenden, Wendy Stevens, Penny Thomas
Traveler Drop Vernon Mural Artist Michelle Loughery and crew

Other Crew

Program (40th Anniversary) Lorraine Allum, Nancy Siver
Program (Peter Pan) Sharon Leveque
Poster Sheila Mandreck
Publicity Liza Judd
Foyer Design Cathryn Brown, Lorraine Kastelen, Jim Brown
Front of House Judy Haymond with Ian Kelly and Powerhouse members
Preview Penny Thorburn
Bar Clif Heinrichs
Opening Night Marilyn Sakakibara, Sara Dunn
Final Night Jane Barclay
Photographer Dave Wallden with Diane Coutts

Set Design by Doug Huggins

Nursery Set
Neverland Set
Pirate Set
Lost Boys Home Set

Production Photos

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