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The Crucible

February 2005

by Arthur Miller

Directed by Jim Brown

Produced by Helene Clark and Sharie Lomas


Character Played by
Reverend Samuel Parris, pastor of Salem Clark Brewer
Betty Parris, his daughter Sam Makarenko
Tituba, his West Indian slave Susan Johnson
Abigal Williams, Parris' niece Gabriella Carr
Susanna Walcott, friend of Abigal Jeannine Kuemmerle
Ann Putnam, wife of Thomas Putnam Laurie Fraser
Thomas Putnam, wealthy landowner Bill Hamilton

Mercy Lewis, servant to the Putnams

Andrea Bailey
Mary Warren, servant to the Proctors Jesse Orr
John Proctor, farmer Russell Cunliffe
Rebecca Nurse, respected citizen Joan Karstensen

Giles Corey. Citizen

Stan Csapo
Reverend John Hale, pastor of Beverly Howard Joynt
Elizabeth Proctor, wife of John Proctor Joan Miller
Francis Nurse, husband of Rebecca Ken Cain
Ezekiel Cheever, clerk of the court Trystan Carter
John Willard, Marshall Rod Neufeld
Deputy Governor Danforth, Chief Magistrate Andre Danyliu*
Judge Hathorne, Magistrate John Lomas
Sarah Good, citizen Debra Bob

*Andre is appearing with the courtesy of UBCP and ACTRA


Set Design Doug Huggins
Assistant to the Director Cathyrn Brown
Stage Manager Willem Roell
Assistant Stage Manager Ginny Ewert
Stage Crew Jessica Beck, Lesley McCoy, Terry Parent
Set Construction Head John Ravensbergen
Set Construction Crew Mark Judd, Conway Clark, Norm Jaques, Geoff White, Dave Salter, Willem Roell, David Roell, Wilf Steeves, David Jones, Bob Spearman, Otto Wickstrom
Set Décor Darlene Mussenden, Sharon Leveque, Eugene Leveque, Sarah McLean
Lighting Design Jim Elderton
Lighting Operator Vanessa Lomas
Sound Design Jackson Mace
Sound Operator Devon Coombs
Properties Lesley McCoy
Costumes Jane Barclay, Cathryn Brown, Beth Markson, Susan Johnson, Diane Steeves, Val Heuman, Susan Beck, Michelle Tomichich, Diane Coutts, Sarah McLean, Cathy Stewart
Makeup Terry Brent, Joan Karstensen
Publicity Bill Glover
Poster Julia Berschley; Pristine Graphics
Program Wendy Stevens
Foyer Arlene Spearman, Lorraine Kastelen
Photography Dave Wallden
Front of House Liza Judd
Preview Jo-Ann Jaques
First and Final Night Ron and Val Heuman

Production Photos

Production Photo Production Photo
Production Photo Production Photo
Production Photo Production Photo
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Production Photo Production Photo

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