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Talley's Folly

May 2005

by Lanford Wilson

Produced with special permission of the Dramatists Play Services Inc.

Directed by Dianne Couves

Produced by Val Heuman

Okanagan Zone

2005 Okanagan Zone Drama Festival

Talley's Folley was entered in the 2005 Okanagan Zone Drama Festival.

Best Set Design: Chris Bayne, "Talley's Folly", Vernon Powerhouse Theatre

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Character Played by
Matt Friedman Clive Goodrich
Sally Talley Therese Parent


Set Design Chris Bayne
Stage Manager Sarah McLean
Assistant Stage Manager Sheelagh Jones
Lighting Design Dhugael McLean
Lighting Operator Stan Csapo
Lighting Crew Alex Judd
Photography Dave Wallden
Sound Designer and Operator Monty Hughes
Costumes Robin McDonald, Lynne McCullough
Set Construction Crew Chris Bayne, Michael Poirier, Ron Heuman,
Bob Jackson
Set Décor Darryle Eaton
Set Décor Crew Sherry Moir, Sue Maxwell
Properties Liza Judd
Opening Night Bernice Fussell
Makeup Debra Bob
Publicity Bill Glover
Poster Design Julia Berschley; Pristine Graphics
Program Lorraine Allum, Julia Berschley
Foyer Display Debra Bob
Final Night Pip Jordan

Set Design by Chris Bayne



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