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Babes in the Magic Wood

November 2005

by David Wood

Produced by special arrangements with Samuel French Ltd.

Directed by Mary Huggins

Produced by Val Heuman and Doug Edgar




Character Played by
Simple Simon Robyn Shanks
Contrary Mary Elcita Young
Fairy Godmother/Superwitch Julie Armitage
Widow Crockett Doug Huggins
Pick Lucas Andrews
Nick John Lomas
The Donkey Anne Cordingly, Kyle Jones
Jack-in-the-Box Rachael Montgomery
Ragdoll Shyanne Boudreau
Clockwork Panda Sean Bibby
Supermog Michelle Clarke
The Vicar / Father Christmas Stephen Dobson
The Villagers Sarah Lowe, Trystan Carter, Therese Parent, Danny Fochler, Gabriella Carr, Jered Lea, Molly Noonan, Kyla Perry, Aylssa Ready, Emily Fochler, Pascal Belanger


Set Design Doug Huggins
Stage Manager Willem Roell
Assistant Stage Manager Ginny Ewert
Set Construction Head Chris Bayne
Construction Crew Norm Jaques, Geoff White, Mike Poirier, Willem Roell, Ron Heuman, Bob Jackson, Bob Rinaldi, Wilf Steeves
Flying Crew Geoff White, Bob Spearman
Set Décor Sarah McLean, Sherry Moir
Décor Crew Joyce Hodgson, Penny Bayne, Jo Jones, Diane Coutts, June Funk, Helene Clark, Wendy Stevens, Sheelagh Jones
Properties Debra Bob
Costume Head Wendy McDouall
Costume Assistant Joanne Taylor
Seamstresses Diane Coutts, Diane Steeves, Kay Spears, Carlayne Baxter, Beth Markson, Giselle Martel
Makeup and Hair Debra Bob, Tenille Shockey
Lighting Design/Operators Jo-Ann Jaques, Arlene Spearman
Lighting Crew Bob Spearman, Norm Jaques
Follow Spot Peter Lomas, David Roell
Sound Design Monty Hughes
Sound Operator Stan Csapo
Special Effects John Shanks, June Funk
Accompanist Jane Nault
Vocal Coach Therese Parent
Rehearsal Pianists Shari Shabitz, Michelle Thiel
Drummer Travis Anderson
Drumming Coach Mike Uzick
Publicity Lorraine Allum
Poster Julia Berschley: Pristine Graphics
Opening Night Pip Jordan, Lyisla Demchuk
Front of House Nancy Siver
Foyer Design Sandy Edgar, Wendy Stevens
Program Lorraine Allum
Final Night Cathy Stewart
Photography Dave Wallden, Stan Csapo
Preview Penny Thorburn


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