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New Directors Showcase
Three One-Act Plays

September 2006

Canadian Gothic

by Joanna Mclelland Glass

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc

Directed by Therese Parent

The Whole Shebang

By Rich Orloff

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts Inc

Directed by Jim Elderton

Unpublished Letters

by Jonathan C. Levine

Produced by special arrangment with Samuel French Inc

Directed by Arlene Spearman

Cast Canadian Gothic

Character Played by
Jean Sharon Pratico
Ben Redleaf Dan Bragg
Father Howard Joynt
Mother Dianne Couves

Cast The Whole Shebang

Character Played by
The Dean Patrick Allwood
Unfriendly Professor Joan Karstensen
Friendly Professsor Carmen Hewitt
Student Mik Byskov
Harvey Brian Armstrong
Edna Debra Bob

Cast Unpublished Letters

Character Played by
Carol Eileen Podanowski
Josh Bob Frederickson



Set Design The Directors
Stage Managers Garth Walberg, Lesley McCoy, Ken Cain
ASM Myles Bukosky
Sound Bob Rinaldi, Janet Lindsay
Lighting Stan Csapo, John Lomas
Set Decor Mary Niedballa, Sarah McLean, Carlayne Baxter, Dianne Coutts, Taylor Price, Marissa Vest, Val Heuman, Gina Brown,
Costumes Nadien Wiebe, Sandra Williams, Dawn Kennedy
Dresser Carmen Hewitt
Set Construction Dave Brotsky, Norm Jaques, Richard Anderson, Mike Poirier, Bob Spearman, Mary Niedballa, Mike Parent, Lorne Siemans, Bob Rinaldi, Geoff White
Properties Doreen Blackwood, Marnie Cullum, Sandra Williams, Nadien Weibe
Hair Suzanne Roberts
Backstage Crew Geoff White, Rod Spruston, David Roell, Darrick Louie, Lesley McCoy
Poster Michael Cade, Jim Elderton
Publicity Lorraine Allum
Program Wendy Stevens
Foyer Maureen Ruscheinsky
Photography Dave Wallden
House Nancy Siver
Preview Penny Thorburn
Final Night Mary Niedballa
Mentors Dave Brotsky, Sarah McLean, Monty Hughes, Sharie Lomas, Joan Karstensen, Vicki Ryan, Lorraine Johnson Brotsky

Production Photos

Canadian Gothic

The Whole Shebang

Unpublished Letters



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