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February 7th to 17th, 2007

by Joanna McClelland Glass

Produced by arrangement with Joanna McClelland Glass and The Barbara Hogenson Agency Inc.

Directed by Sarah McLean

Produced by Joan Karstensen and Sherry Moir

"Theatre goers will find nothing trying about watching this affectionate memory play about a well-born, wealthy American who threw in his political lot with Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal administration, served as his Attorney-General and as a judge at the post World War II Nuremberg trials."


Character Played by
Judge Francis Biddle Jack Ackroyd
Sarah Schorr Gayle Heinrich


Set Designer Dave Brotsky
Lighting Designer Dave Brotsky
Lighting Crew Stan Csapo, Carol Davidson
Lighting Operator John Lomas
Sound Designer Monty Hughes
Sound Operator Penny Thorburn
Costumes Carlayne Baxter, Val Heuman
Dressers Nadien Wiebe, Therese Parent, Tjana Witt, Arlene Spearman, Edie Jordan
Properties Carol Davidson
Properties Assistants Debra Bob, Tjana Witt
Stage Manager Sharie Lomas
ASM Lesley McCoy
Set Construction Head John Ravensbergen
Set Construction Crew Dave Brotsky, Sherry Moir, Tjana Witt, Susan Johnson, Dianne Coutts
Hair Wayne Ashton
Publicity Martin Niedballa
Program Wendy Stevens
Poster Design Julia Berschley
Poster Photograph Dave Brotsky
Photography Dave Wallden
Foyer Design Darryle Eaton
Front of House Nancy Siver
Preview Sharon Pratico
Opening Night / Bar Cathie Stewart, Ron Heuman
Final Night Val Heuman

Set Design and Model by Dave Brotsky

Set Model

Actual Set

Actual Set

Production Photos

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