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April 23rd to May 3rd, 2008

by Margaret Edson

by permission of Dramatists Play Service Inc

Directed by Adele Kuyek

Produced by Jo-Ann Jaques and Willem Roell

Okanagan Zone

2008 Okanagan Zone Festival Results

Best Production – Wit, Powerhouse Theatrical Society (Awarded Bill Allum Cup)

Best Director –  Adele Kuyek, Wit, Powerhouse Theatrical Society

Best ActressTerri Flanagan, Wit, Powerhouse Theatrical Society

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About the Play

"Wit" is a haunting play that looks at the paradox between the complexity and simplicity of dying. "Nothing but a breath - a comma - separates life from the everlasting. It is very simple really."

Vivian, a professor of 17th-century English poetry, has been an uncompromising scholar and demanding teacher. She has allowed herself little time to cultivate personal relationships. Vivian has devoted her life to the study of John Donne's poetry, which uses wit to revel in the complexity of Life and God issues, rather than trying to resolve them. She approaches her illness in the same way that she approached the study of Donne - aggressively, intensely, rationally, and with the wit that is associated with his work.

But now, enduring a painful experimental treatment for cancer, she is looking for a kind of spiritual strength that will ease her suffering. She must venture beyond her intellectual world to come to terms with her death and learns through the simple act of human kindness, that this Is not a complicated battle, but simplicity itself, if one allows it.

In "Wit", prize winner, Margaret Edson, has created a work that is as challenging intellectually as it is emotionally. Like Donne, "Wit" is both profound and humorous, and will transform the audience as it transforms Vivian.                

Character Played By
Vivien Bearing, PhD Terri Flanagan
Harvey Kelekian, MD Martin Niedballa
Jason Posner, MD Michael Lane
Susie Monahan, RN, BSN Bev Steeves
E. M. Ashford, D.Phil Robyn Abear
Mr. Bearing  Bill Reynolds
Lab Technicians, Students, Residents Erin Pritchard, Brian Armstrong, Jo-Ann Jaques, Justine Westby


Stage Manager Jacqueline Rivard
Set Decor Sherry Moir, Sarah McLean
Lighting Design Jo-Ann Jaques
Lighting Crew Kurt Scott, Willem Roell
Lighting Operator Robert Roell
Sound Design Adele Kuyek
Sound Operator Penny Thorburn, Monty Hughes
Costumes Marnie Cullum
Properties Joanne Taylor
Publicity Joyce Hodgson
Program Lorraine Allum, Wendy Stevens
Poster Julia Berschley
Photography Dave Wallden
Foyer Lorraine Allum, Wendy Stevens
House Jean Elliott
Preview Norm Jaques
Opening Night Bob and Arlene Spearman
Sunday Matinee Joan Karstensen
Final Night Mary Niedballa
Bar Ron Heuman


Production Photos

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