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Jack and the Beanstalk

December 9th to 19th 2009

by Paddy Malcolm English

with permission of the Malcolm Family

Directed by Sarah McLean and Monty Hughes

Produced by Dawn Tyndall, Joan Karstensen and Sherry Moir

About the Play

We have all been told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, but have you ever seen the REAL story. This one involves Jack and an old lady who lives in a shoe! That's right, a shoe, with a whole pile of orphans and farm animals, and her very pretty daughter Bess. But times are not so good for Mother Goodluck. Her home, (the shoe) is about to be taken away from her by the mean and evil Maurice Moneybags because she can't afford the mortgage. Whatever can be done? There is lots of action in this story, some music, some dancing, some explosions (not really big ones), a Giant (boy is he big), and fun for all. This is a traditional British pantomine, great fun for the whole family.


Character Played by
Jack Robyn Shanks
Bess Amanda Breitkreutz
Wizard Beano Brennan Cunliffe
Cook Emma Noonan
Widow Goodluck Matt Brown
Dragon Haggletooth-Nuggetnose Lisa Talesnick
Giant Thunder Blunder Norm Holt
Maurice Moneybags Russell Cunliffe
Bill Bisher Bev Steeves
Bob Basher Rod Neufeld
Chicken Ann Cordingley, Roberta Dunlop
Clarabelle the Cow Sam Brewer, Starling Taylor
Miss Summers Ciara Cunliffe
Mice: Orphans Kate Earl, Emilia Vlahos
Orphans: Villagers Jacob Theissen, Ian Pusey, Morgan Applegath, Rowena Dunlop, Ciara Cunliffe, Kyla Perry, Colin Judd, Lindsay Petruk, Christine Holt
Dance Choreography & Direction Deborah Banks, A.R.A.D.
Dancers from the Okanagan School of Ballet Marie-Sophie Articus, Lindsay Baerg, Julia Bailey, Rebekah Bailey, Jenica Banks, Taylor Cunningham, Karley Fugel, Nikita Gush, Kianna Hamilton-Gee, Devyn Husband, Zoe McNair, Darlene Munro, Andrea Pittman, Francesca van Soest


Administrative Producer Mentor Joan Karstensen
Set Design John Ravensbergen
Stage Manager Liza Judd
Assistant Stage Manager Lesley McCoy, Kristine Larsen
Lighting Design Mallory Stewart, Kathleen Bird
Lighting Operator Clif Heinrichs
Sound Design Monty Hughes
Sound Operator Jackson Cooper
Music Paul Hunter
Flying Crew Bob Rinaldi, Bob Spearman
Spotters Willem Roell, Robert Roell
Special Effects Bob Rinaldi
Costumes Carlayne Baxter, Pat Svard, Shirley Cocking
Set Construction John Ravensbergen, Bob Spearman, Alain Klein, Peter Weibe, Bob Rinaldi, Ron Heuman, Chris Bayne, Norm Jaques, Cor Zandbergen, David Jones, John Shanks
Set Decor Sarah McLean,Wendy Klein, Carol Jenkins, Melanie Christien, Bonny Goble, Sandy Edgar, Jocelyn Roeters-Robb, Wendy Stevens, Audrey Larmon, Terri Heinrichs, Penny Bayne, Darlene Mussenden
Properties Arlene Spearman, Susan Johnson, Lorraine Allum, Helene Clark, Jade Delisi, Kelly Tisdale
Backdrop Artist Wendy Klein
Publicity Mike Poirier
Program Sharie Lomas
Poster Dawn Tyndall
Photography Dave Wallden, Peter Lomas
Foyer Design Carol Marks
Front of House Ann Cordingley
Preview Jo-Ann Jaques
Opening Night Debbra Butler
Bar Manager Ron Heuman
Final Night Pip Jordan

Production Photos

Boot Orphanage Set
Jack Fishing Jack Catches the Beans
Chicken Little Wizard Beano
Backdrop Wizard and Jack
Village Set
In the Village Maurice Money Bags Plotting
Bob and Bill Wizard in Village
Giants Castle Set
Jack Arrives at Giants Castle Jack and Chicken Little
Ghosts and Dragons Giant in his Castle
Mice in Castle Maurice Moneybags poisons drink
Widow Sets Tea Maurice Moneybags Finale
Giant arrives at Boot Orphanage Final Dance

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