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Over the River and Through the Woods

February 24th to March 6th 2010

by Joe Pietro

Directed by Therese Parent

Produced by Ruth Astin and Debra Bob

About the Play

Love of family is the mantra that runs throughout this endearingly warm-hearted comedy by Joe DiPietro. The audience is taken on a sweet and sentimental journey to grandparent's house in Hoboken, New Jersey.

At the heart of the plot is a tight-knit Italian-American family. Nick Christano is a 29-year old marketing executive who dutifully visits his four grandparents every Sunday for dinners which are governed by "the three F's" - family, faith, and food.

One Sunday he has an exciting, though devastating announcement: He's being promoted to a new position in Seattle. As Nick is their only relative left in the area, the prospect of losing him calls for some heavy Golden-Ager artillery.



Character Played by
Nick Cristano Bron Johnson
Frank Gianelli Manfred Taron
Aida Gianelli Maureen Ruschiensky
Nunzio Cristano Dave Sayer
Emma Cristano Jean Given
Caitlin O'Hare Leah Goldie


Stage Manager Doug Edgar
Assist Stage Manager Mitch Morin
Set Design Team Therese Parent, Dave Brotsky, Sarah McLean, Brian Jenkins
Drawings and Model Brian Jenkins
Set Construction Head Willem Roell
Set Construction Crew Alain Klein, Bob Rinaldi, Dale Pothecary, Bob Jackson, Brian Jenkins, John Ravensbergen
Set Decor Sarah McLean
Set Decor Crew Wendy Takahashi, Wendy Klein, Carol Jenkins, Sandy Edgar
Lighting Design Dave Brotsky
Light Operator Ken Cain
Sound Design Randy Jones
Sound Operator Gus Gendron
Properties Head Mellissa Lockhart
Costume Head Marnie Cullum
Costumes Amber Mann
Hair Suzanne Robert
Make-Up Debbra Butler, Many Willmott
Publicity Mike Poirier
Program Jo Jones
Poster Sarah McLean
Photography Dave Wallden, Matt Brown
Foyer Design Linda van Wieringen, Linda Wood
Front of House Joan Karstensen
Preview Wendy Stevens
Opening / Final Night Pip Jordan

Production Photos


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